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For the most part, psychedelics reached mainstream America as a result of moral panic, and only recently have they received positive press. Starting in the mid-1900s, the American public was terrified by news articles and propaganda videos discussing the ‘consequences’ of psychedelic drugs, like LSD leading to psychotic episodes, aggressive behavior, and two-day trips. Or they discussed the dangers these substances presented to society as a whole, arguing that moral reason, dignity, and integrity were compromised when psychedelics were consumed. Buy psychedelics online USA

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While some of that stigma and fear still exist, we’ve come a long way over the past few decades. Though still largely illegal, it’s estimated that more than 17% of Americans have used psychedelics. Many now view psychedelics in a much more positive light thanks to a resurgence of scientific and medical research and a rediscovered appreciation for their role in indigenous spiritual healing and cultural significance around the world.

Despite this newfound shift, psychedelic substances are rather elusive and It’s safe to say that many people are curious to know: where do you get psychedelics?

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Psychedelics have been considered a way to “reboot” the brain. I don’t know about you, but I can certainly use a mental reboot every now and then—and I’m not the only one. One of Britain’s most passionate promoters of psychedelics, Amanda Feilding is one of the many people calling for global drug policy reform and has a view that even using psychedelics without the help of a therapist can help someone “enjoy their thoughts more”. 

Psychedelics are frequently linked to prosocial effects and advantages for mental health, even when used outside of laboratories and therapeutic settings. Psychedelics have the potential to result in “mystical-type experiences,” which provide the user a deeper understanding of reality and their own life. Depending on the psychedelics taken, and especially with DMT and ayahuasca experiences, the person may have an encounter with an extraterrestrial entity who speaks and offers insight or purpose to their life.

Perhaps as a result of the enhanced sense of meaning psychedelics provide, users have reported both increased creativity and problem-solving capabilities. Clinical studies have shown that the creative benefits last far beyond the trip itself, with both heightened empathy and reduced inhibition playing a role.

All of this is exciting news, right? You’re probably one of the many people wondering how to get your hands on some psychedelics. Let’s take a look at 4 ways that can happen.

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